Tuesday News

Women’s Championships Postponed.

by Judi O’Brien, Womens Captain.

Hi everyone,

Due to the latest rain event, the Women’s Championships have been deferred until Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th June and Tuesday 2nd July. Grades for Championships are: A Grade: 0 – 28; B Grade 29 – 39; C Grade 40 – 54.

July Monthly Medal will tentatively be 2nd July (to be confirmed).

The Women’s Veterans Championships have been moved to Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th September.

Bookings are now open for next Tuesday.

SPECIAL INVITATION: Please come along to Dulcie Piper’s Party on Tuesday 18th June (even if you are not playing golf) to help celebrate her 89th birthday and her last game of golf.

Thursday 1st August – Veterans Open Day is now a 2 Person Ambrose.

Let’s hope that the course opens on Saturday.

Flood waters damage bridge at the 6th.

All players are to use the 8th bridge to gain access to the 6th green until further notice. 

Please be aware of players hitting off the 8th tee.

More course news when it becomes available.

Be part of the Jamberoo Spirit.

By Col Booth.

At the heart of the community we serve, Jamberoo Golf Club is a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive club serving the interests and needs of its members and of the Jamberoo community.

Jamberoo Golf Club is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers and embraces its village golf heritage. A rare find today!

Enjoy the views from the shaded verandah where visitors, local residents and members are astounded by the picturesque visage as they enjoy a chat and a refreshing drink.

Get involved, enjoy the company of your fellow members, and support your club. These are all aspects of the Jamberoo spirit.

I am often amused after playing an enjoyable 18 holes, and finding your partners’ balls several times, many members leave immediately, even if they do drink, missing an opportunity to sit and relax with your team on the day.  Surely 15 minutes after your game isn’t too much extra time. No reason to get into a ‘shout’.

A lot of people think if you venture onto the verandah you have to drink alcohol. 

The Verandah is for socialising with other club members, getting to know new members etc.

The loss of the Bridge over Hyams Creek on the 6th.

We will have to divert around the ‘immovable obstruction’, but this is not big a deal. I agree bridges will have to be higher and perhaps renamed after the bridges in Venice along the Grand Canal, ie. Rialto, to add to the joy of playing Jamberoo with its heritage theme.

One thought on “Tuesday News

  1. Well said Col Booth…. The verandah outside is a place of gathering for many golfers to socialise and tell tales of their days achievements or lack of, on the course and is always fun and as you say, a great way to introduce yourself to new members and welcome them to our club. A fantastic way to wind down and share your highs and lows with other groups as well. The new system looks like it will be good when fully operational and it would be good to have the scores up on the tv as we put the scores in which will give us another highlight to discuss on the verandah as well( I know we can see on the app) but will create another talking point amongst the members.

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