Volunteering at your Club

Jamberoo Golf Club has a long history of Members volunteering at the club. In fact the club would not exist without the efforts of our volunteers.

Also of significance is Jamberoo’s status as a “Not For Profit” organization. Unlike, most other clubs in the region our structure relies heavily on the input of volunteers, which enables us to keep our fees as low as possible for the benefit of our members. 

Many members have asked how they can help at the club and what things they could be involved in.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • assist at the shop;
  • help in the gardens;
  • be part of working bees like helping to paint the golf shop;
  • help cook BBQ’s;
  • assist at charity days;
  • serve on a committee.

Reasons for Volunteering

  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Helping the Community
  • Social Contact
  • Learning new skills
  • To be active, to get involved

Reasons for not Volunteering

  • “Nobody asked me!”


If you have skills that might be valuable to our club with some spare time and willingness to contribute, please get in touch.


Don’t wait for the personal invite, talk to a Board member or one of our starters. They will set you on the right track to help your club.

Use your hard-earned skills to help your club.

Get involved!



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