Hole By Hole

Thankyou to all of our hole sponsors.

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1st hole

‘HYAM’S CHALLENGE‘ sponsored by LJS Mini-Excavations

A long drive needing to carry 240 metres sets up a short iron approach to a sloping green.

If the carry is too much then a lay up to the left side of the fairway leaves a long iron or fairway wood approach to the green.

Take 4 here and be happy.

2nd hole

‘THE POND’ sponsored by Just Bathrooms

Decision time! Go for the green on this short par 4 or lay up? There is heaps of trouble around the green, short, long, left or right …. but an eagle chance at the start of your round may well be worth the risk!

Smart players hit a mid-iron, utility club or fairway wood leaving a wedge to this green to set up a birdie chance. Be careful to make sure you hit the approach to the same level as the flag on this severely sloping green.

3rd hole

‘FIELDS’ sponsored by 
The first of the par threes requires a mid to long iron or fairway wood to the large green with subtle slopes. Be careful of the bunker that guards the front left of the green and definitely don’t miss the green right. Large bushes await you there.


4th hole

‘THE PALMS’ sponsored by Oaks Automotive Pty Ltd
A straight drive is required on this short par 4.  Your tee shot must carry at least 170 metres and be hit with precision or trouble awaits both left and right. Manage the drive and you are rewarded with a short wedge approach to this small green. It is difficult to get ‘up and down’ if you miss the green right or long.

Many players lay up short of Hyam’s Creek on the tee shot in consideration of the difficulty of the drive. This leaves a shot of at least 160 metres to the small, raised green.

5th hole

‘JOHN’S GARDEN’ sponsored by Jamberoo Pub & Saleyard Motel

Another ‘risk and reward’ hole makes the player decide whether to lay up or go for the green on this tight hole.

The green is guarded by a creek at the front, out of bounds close to its rear and is hidden behind tall trees. A big left to right shot would be required if one wanted to risk it.

Again the smart player ‘threads the needle’ with a mid to long iron or utility to the left centre of the fairway and a wedge to set up a birdie chance. Push your ball right and you risk being blocked by the trees forcing a chip out, sometimes even when you are on the fairway! Miss the fairway left and you are in trouble with trees as well.

The green has two sections with the back section having a slope towards the creek. Take two putts and be happy. Many a good round is ruined here, so treat it with respect and maybe take advantage.

6th hole

‘CAMPHOR LAUREL’ sponsored by Elders Real Estate Jamberoo

Take your driver and hit it 260 metres over Hyam’s Creek to the left of the Camphor Laurel tree and you will be rewarded with  a lob wedge shot to this raised green.

Most will play a long iron, utility club or fairway wood to the fairway and hit their approach over the large Camphor Laurel tree to the green.

The green features many subtle slopes so make sure to hit your approach close to avoid that dreaded three putt!


7th hole

‘BILLABONG’ sponsored by

A beautiful short par three with trouble all around the green. It requires only a short iron or wedge but it must be hit purely or a water hazard or difficult chip awaits.

Be careful when the flag is set on the front left of the green where it is hard to judge the amount of break on your putt.

8th hole

‘WINDMILL’ sponsored by Solar Blu

Again lay up or go for the green? A pond short of the green and another to the right guards this very small, raised green.

Go long or left and you will require a perfect pitch shot to get near the flag or indeed to stay on the green.

Again the smart player lays up to the centre of the large fairway leaving an easy approach from about 80 metres.

9th hole

‘TOWN’ sponsored by IGA Jamberoo

A short, up hill par three where your tee shot must avoid the trees left and right of the sloping green. A good birdie chance.

10th hole

‘JACARANDA’ sponsored by Cleary Bros Concrete

Your tee shot must carry 180 metres or more avoiding the trees on the left hand side of the narrow fairway. This will leave you with a short iron into the large green.

If the tee shot carry is too much then the smart player lays up to the centre of the large fairway leaving a long iron or fairway wood approach from about 160 metres.

In either case be careful with your approach as a water hazard sits to the right of the green.

11th hole

‘RIVER OAK’ sponsored by the Johnny Warren Foundation

The start of the triumvirate, the ‘Minnamurra Bends’.

A mid to long iron should be enough to get you onto the green. It is a large green so club selection is important. Shots shaped right to left generally suit this tee shot. To the left of the green the Minnamurra River gurgles past on its way to the sea.



‘MINNAMURRA’ sponsored by Elders Real Estate Jamberoo

The drive requires either a high right to left shaped shot or a large left to right shape over or around the large oak tree to the right on this dog-leg par 5. Once you have reached the generous fairway aim your second shot just right of the green to set up an easy pitch or short iron to the tiny green. The river runs beside the hole and is out of bounds so don’t over play the left to right shot required.

13th hole

‘FLAME TREE’ sponsored by D & J Smith Builders

It is only a short par 3 but a very tricky one. The green appears to be microscopic in size with serious out of bounds trouble just to the left of the green and to the right the Minnamurra River is out of bounds as well. The green is very tilted from back to front making putting difficult to judge. 3 is a good score here.


14th hole

‘BELLA VISTA’ sponsored by Solar Blu
The longest and strongest par 4 on the course, the tee shot requires a right to left shape to a generous fairway leaving you with a mid to long iron or fairway wood into a large green guarded on the right by a pond and trees on the left. Take the right club or be left with a difficult 2 putt.




15th hole

‘GYMEA LILY‘ sponsored by

A 200 metre par 3 into a very tricky green. Make sure you take the right club or face a very difficult 2 putt. Out of bounds all along the right side intimidates and trees and pond on the left cause trouble as well. A good test for all golfers.

16th hole

‘THE FARM‘ sponsored by

The start of the triarchy of holes known as the  ‘Jamberoo Triangle’, or ‘the final apocalypse’, where good rounds disappear without a trace! A place where you need to keep your cool!

Long hitters have to be careful using driver here as a water hazard before the green can grab that over-hit drive. Another water hazard runs the length of the hole to the right of the fairway and trees border the left making it important to hit it straight.

Most plan to hit their tee shot to the middle of the fairway leaving about a 120 metre shot over the water to the green.

The shot to the green is uphill and it is imperative to take the right club or face a very difficult 2 putt on this severely sloping green. Be happy with a 4.

17th hole

‘LIQUID AMBER’ sponsored by Killmore & Sons Pty Ltd

A mid-length par 4 that demands a good drive from the elevated tee, avoiding the trouble left and right of the fairway. Tee shots from the right half of the fairway then need to be hit over a towering gum tree to this narrow but long green. If you come from the left then you will need to clear the giant Liquid Amber and Palm trees short of the putting surface. A small ditch runs in front and to the right of the green catching any miss-hit shot. Take the right club to leave yourself with a birdie chance.

18th hole

‘PINE’ sponsored by Allmen Industrial Services Co-op.

The demanding tee shot requires a lay up short of Hyam’s Creek leaving a shot of 160+ metres to the green.  Alternatively, find the fairway after a long drive, and a short iron is your reward to this very tricky and severely sloping green.  Be wary of the small ditch short of the green and the front sand trap.

Don’t go long or disaster awaits!

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